Continuous fan excitement with a Mobile App

The final whistle of a football game is the start point of an unexciting time for a supporter. So, fans of a football team are using unofficial websites oder social communities to bridge the gap between match days. This is a consequence of a missing or not executed digital communication strategy of football clubs. In this article we will show how football clubs can achieve a better digital experience for their fans and followers by using a mobile app with context related contend. 

Digital services can be used to establish an emotional bounding between the fans and their football club. In addition, a football club is able to open up new distribution channels. According to our experience football fans are demanding exclusive and real content from their team. Results and standings are side issues. Fans want communicate with like-minded fans or more specific fans from the same team. Moreover, they want also consum content from their club in and around the stadium. Hence, sport clubs and their sponsors are offered new marketing possibilities, which have to be realized.

The level of fan excitement

A high and continuous fan excitement should be a main goal of every sports club. In our opinion, content is king and makes the difference.

Fan excitement with standard content vs. Fan excitement with context related content
How to reach a continuous high level of fan excitement with a mobile app
In this chapter we explain how a sports club can reach a high level of fan excitement by using a mobile app. Thereby we don’t focus standard features like live ticker, standings, news, players, mobile payment, etc. The mentioned features can be expanded with personalised and target group related content from sponsors.
Before the game
  • Snap Chat
    • Fans can upload pictures and insert sponsor logos
    • The pictures will be published in the clubs social media channels
    • The fans receives coins per published image
    • The coins can be used for items in the fan shop or the stadium catering
  • Push Notification
    • If a player or staff member visits the clubs official restaurant or cafe
  • Buy tickets
  • Sponsors
    • Publish target group-related content
  • Videos
    • Team bus arrives at the stadium
    • Behind the scenes
    • Staff interviews
    • Integration of product placement
At the stadium
  • Last minute seat upgrade
    • Fans can upgrade their seat category
  • Live press conference
    • Users can submit questions for the press conference
  • Merchandising
    • Special offers for specific events, for example: If the player with the shirt number 10 scores a goal, his shirt will be offered with a discount of 10%
  • Interaction with Stadium TV
    • Show your support by pressing the “Like” button within the mobile app
    • The results will be shown at the scoreboard in the stadium
  • Push Notification
    • Free parking spaces
    • Waiting times at the food stalls within the stadium
  • Online Ticketing
    • Access to the stadium with an online ticket, that is stored within the mobile app
    • Tickets can be personalised with target group related content from sponsors
  • Heart rate measurement
    • Integration of Apple Watch
    • The average heart rate will be shown at the scoreboard
  • Happy index
    • Fans can like or dislike the current game
    • The result will be shown at the scoreboard
After the game
  • Highlights
    • Video
    • Statistics per each player
    • Content from sponsors
  • Questions of the week
    • Fans can submit questions
  • At the training ground
    • Fans are able to propose exercises via the mobile app and there will be a live stream of the specific exercise
  • Recovery
    • Information about the players health
We reccomend sports clubs the implementation and use of a CRM system. The CRM should be connected to all digital channels. We will explain the benefits of a CRM system for a sports club in a next article. Stay tuned with Digital Sport Magazine.