Interview with Werner Grabherr, CASHPOINT SCR Altach’s Head of Marketing

The image shows Werner Grabherr which is the Head of Marketing of CASHPOINT SCR Altach

We talked with Werner Grabherr, CASHPOINT SCR Altach’s Head of Marketing, about the digitalization, the current projects of the Austrian football club and E-Sports.

What is your recipe for success? 

There is no recipe for success in this sector. The horsepower is the sporting success of the first team. As a small and ambitious club, we try to position ourselves behind the top 4 clubs in the Austrian Bundesliga. We are currently finding growing structures at the business site, which also has a positive impact on marketing projects, as more manpower can be used here.

Is there a strategy for digitization? 

Yes, we have a strategy for digitization. Our website is seen as the core product of the digital environment. From there, the various channels are recorded, but in turn, again bundled. The fans find all the information on our homepage first. We are covering various target groups with the Online Ticketing, the Online Fanshop and, in a few days, the new newsroom. The social media channels are still used as an information tool, but in which prize draws, videos and photos are also be posted. These channels will be intensified in the future, especially with video content. A number of initial attempts have already been made here.

Which target groups have you defined?

The target groups consist of fans and sponsors. The fans are mainly from Vorarlberg. We also have fans in all of Austria as well as Switzerland and South Germany. But you have to say that most of the fans from abroad have their roots here. We use various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach our fans.

You have mentioned the social media channels. What do you think about Snapchat?

We see a potential in Snapchat especially in the fan-based content. We are currently monitor what the other football clubs do with Snapchat.

What additional video content do you plan to produce?

Firstly, we would like to produce more videos around the match days – e.g. interviews. We would like to publish the videos on our website, YouTube and other social media channels. We have also discussed to offer live videos but investments in infrastructure are necessary.

How is your organization set up? 

  • Christoph Laengle, Managing Director Business
  • Georg Zellhofer, Managing Director Sport
  • Werner Grabherr, Marketing
  • Christoph Begle, Finance and Ticketing
  • Johannes Schmied, Sponsoring and Sales
  • Frontoffice: 2 employees, 2 interns and 1 apprentice
  • Various voluntary teams, which are mainly used on match days

What is your typical working week? 

There is no typical working week. It is all very strongly focused on the match days and the coordination of them. Every day is different and therefore also very varied. The focus is certainly on the coordination of marketing matters as well as the support of the sponsors and the management of sales.

What are your goals with your digital fan experience? 

In future, we want to lose the dependency on different media and therefore we want to strengthen our website With the further construction stages in the stadium, the spectator marketing will also be strengthened. So we are able to create a better fan experience at match days.

There are more investments needed to provide also a digital fan experience at the CASHPOINT Arena. First, we have to bring enough bandwith in the stadium to offer our visitors WIFI.

What do you think is the most common mistake in implementing the digital fan experience? 

That the needs of the fans are given too little attention and too much attention is paid to the own interests. The fan/spectator should always be in the centre of attention.

What methods do you use to track trends? 

We look very much at our Austrian examples like Red Bull Salzburg or Rapid Wien, but also very much beyond the borders in the direction of Basel or Germany. We are also increasingly active at various congresses in Germany and abroad. We want to pick up the trends at an early stage

What digital projects are you currently working on? 

The mentioned newsroom will be finalized shortly. On the one hand, our fans can find all news, videos and highlights there. On the other hand, there is a protected area (media center) for the media representatives, in which different content is provided first hand (current photos, media info etc.). Furthermore, the individual reports in the newsroom can be downloaded as a press kit, in which the article as well as the picture material are made available comfortably.

In addition, als already mentioned the video content will be intensified and expanded.

Lastly, the existing areas such as the fanshop should be used more intensively and advertised with different campaigns.

Lastly, what is your opinion of E-Sport?

I think E-Sport is a great opportunity to reach a new target group in the future. Hence, we have already discussed it internally, with other clubs and the Austrian Bundesliga. E-Sport can not be underestimated.

Foto credit: SCR Altach