The Connected Fan Experience at the New Bernabeu Stadium

We recently wrote how a connected stadium fan experience can be developed by using the IoT service kit. In this article we will describe how Real Madrid is planing to create a better connected fan experience at their remodeled Bernabeu stadium.

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid will get a new look. This includes a retractable roof and a new facade with an integrated LED screen which will be used to show what is happening within the stadium. According the Spanisch digital portal Vozpopuli, Real Madrid also planing to enhance the connected fan experience. The following initiatives are planned:

Mobile App

It will be possible to reserve food and drinks using a new mobile app. This allows a faster pick up of the order during the break and thus minimizing wait in queues. In addition, the spectators are able to watch the replays of the most controversial plays practically in real time. This will only be possible if Real Madrid and its partners are able to bring enough bandwidth to the stadium. According to sources of Real Madrid, this isn’t that easy.

Big Data

The remodeled Santiago Bernabeu will have multiple sensors which will record the behavior of visitors in order to improve the experience of those who move around the stadium. So the Spanisch Club knows which areas are the most visited, which services are the most demanded and decisions will be made to enhance the fan experience. 

The idea is to gather all the information of our mass of fans and offer them a better experience both on match days and when they make the Bernabeu Tour, browse our social networks or visit our website.

The numbers show that Real Madrid has 500 million fans worldwide. A half of them maintain some kind of a digital relationship with the club. This contains social networks, website and applications. The goal is to generate profit from these fans.


The planned features cover some of the fans demands (see also this post). We see more potential and can only recommend to use the already mentioned IoT service kit to identify the most beneficial digital services. So we are curious about which additional digital services will be implemented.