Rink Bingo is offered as a Commercial License solution

The agency FCB Zurich developed the game Rink Bingo. Each home game of the HC Davos ice hockey club is additionally transformed into a bingo game for spectators in the stadium and on television.

At each crash into the rink panels, a corresponding number will be displayed at the stadium screen and the participant can cancel it on the bingo slip in the mobile phone. Whoever has his ticket full, wins prizes or can benefit from perks.

According to FCB Zurich, numerous ice hockey clubs from Europe are now embracing the innovative concept. For this reason, FCB Zurich wants to offer Rink Bingo as a commercial license solution (starting season 2017/2018).

Rink Bingo by FCB Zürich is one of the most internationally awarded works of last year. So, Rink Bingo is listed among the top 20 of the best digital works in the world according to the “Gunn Report 2016”.