How to Manage a Sports Brand in the Digital Age

Football, ice hockey, basketball or baseball is become a big business. The sports brands are at the center of the digital and monetary activities. The target group of these activities are not the local fans anymore – it is the whole world. Therefore, the corporate identity and the brand positioning should meet an international, multilingual target group. Frontify can support sports organisations to manage their brand in the digital age and create a perfect brand consistency. So we talked with their Head of Marketing – Johannes Waibel.

“Our message is not really about change as much as it is about understanding of the world around us, with the subsequent need to evolve and widen the brand in different markets and geographies. These elements derive from Juventus’ long-term strategic plan, and the commitment to make it sustainable.”

Silvio Vigato – Head of Brand, Licensing and Retail and Co-Chief Revenue Officer of Juventus Turin in Wired

Another challenge is that the target group of a sports brand is not clearly defined. All age groups of 1-99 years should be addressed. Sports brands often solve these challenges with the formation of sub-brands, such as Chelsea Football Club BridgeKid. The target groups are compared with different digital channels, e.g. Website, Mobile App or Social Media.

Sports organizations need intelligent solutions to manage their brand and their guidelines. This is the only way to react quickly to new market requirements for their international audience.

“Every successful sport organisation must tell a credible story.  In order to resonate with the fans this story has to be authentic and genuine.”

Frontify – Software for Brand Style Guides, Design Workflows & Visual Collaboration

Frontify as a design and brand management platform supports sports clubs in the described challenges. Frontify is a cloud-based solution and is able to convince with the integrated approach that allows to not only manage classical design guidelines but also patterns (incl. code). Furthermore, Frontify can be used as central project platform for collaborative cooperation in design and conceptional projects. The aim is to significantly increase the efficiency of internal cooperation and collaboration with external vendors. So, the brand of sports clubs can be managed professionally in the digital age.

We talked with Johannes Waibel, Frontify’s Head of Marketing about the possibilities and the advantages of Frontify.


Please describe Frontify’s business model
Frontify is a B2B tech startup that offers a global service (Software-as-a-Service) for Brand Portals, Style Guides, Media- and Pattern Libraries. On top of this, we currently relaunched the Frontify Workspace which completes our whole brand management solution.

What are the objectives of Frontify?
The core idea of Frontify is to simplify the brand & corporate design work in the digital age. We believe that there is a strong need for innovation in this area: With the growing numbers of online & offline channels and countless numbers of internal & external partners involved into branding and communication topics, you can image there’s space for improvement & innovation. How do you ensure brand consistency over all your different channels (website, social media, PoS, brochures,…)?

Why should sports club or organizations use Frontify?
Frontify is a service that is not limited to selected industries. We built a scalable and user-friendly service that is both useful for the small restaurants to the multinational businesses like Nestle, Google and all other strong brands.

Which sport organizations are already your client?
We have some major baseball and soccer team as clients. Furthermore, we are very proud to on national and international clients such as Qantas, Lufthansa, Expedia, Swisscom, Nasdaq, Supercell, Zurich insurance and many more.

On which new features are you currently working?
Any features that follows our vision to be the most wanted & intuitive brand management software to master brand consistency on every scale. We recently relaunched the Frontify Workspace, a powerful tool to master design feedback in all types of branding/design projects.

Which current digitalization trends impress you?
There is a lot currently going on in AI, VR, Bots and IoT. At the end of the day, I’m impressed by everything which is connected to ground: Small innovations that create value for user and business and even make new technology tangible is always inspiring to see. I could for example imagine booking a flight inside of a chat app – not sure if this service is really here yet? Guessing trends is always a tough business: What is very hot by today might be the flop of tomorrow: Wo speaks about Beacons these days?

What is your favourite sports team?
It would be very unprofessional to answer this questions since I’m not into soccer or any other major team sport :). I do prefer individual sports such as fly-fishing or snowboarding in exotic places.

About Frontify
Frontify offers a cloud-based brand management platform for the digital age. The Frontify Enterprise Suite consists of three main parts: the digital style guide, a pattern library and the project rooms, in which design projects can be executed collaboratively. Every project room includes the essence of the style guide and the pattern library. With this, it’s much easier for enterprises to achive a consistent brand experience over all channels.

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