Esports News March 2017

With lots of interesting Esports stuff appearing (so much that it’s very easy to lose the big picture), I’ve decided to summarize the most important news every month for this blog.

Esports turns to traditional sports models very soon

There is some new evidence from the research agency Superdata that calculates with approximately 300 million estimated watchers of competitive gaming in 2019. With them, the global revenue for the whole eSports market totals $892.8M in 2016E, up 19% year over year. There are three main global eSports markets with Asia ($328M in revenues), North America ($275M) and Europe ($269M). Esports fans spent about 1/4 of all revenue on tickets and merchandizing, so the direct consumer revenue is fast growing (36% YoY).

You can see more details here.

Esports infrastructure is coming everywhere

If you’re a basketballfan (or of course an Esports expert), you might know NRG Esports, a north american team sponsored by Shaquille O’Neal. They are really pioneers in many areas, but this will surprise you: NRG partners with Events D.C. (Washington D.C.’s official convention and sports authority) to build a 4,200 seat arena (!) that will have specific focus on esports events They want to open this arena by early 2019.

Get more information here.

Starcraft will be remastered this summer

One of the most popular Esports games, Starcraft, will be published in a remastered version this summer.

Get more on Blizzards new project here.

Facebook adds game streaming

Facebook is not only copying Snapchat, but Twitch too (we’re going to write about Twitch soon). Doing so, Facebook adds desktop and game streaming.

See more on Facebook being a copycat here.

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué works on a football Esports project

In a spanish radio interview Barcelona star Gerard Piqué admits, that he is working on a football related Esports project. He wants not less than to create “the future of football in eSports”. Nice one.

See more on his project here.