About us

Digital Sports Magazine is a fun project founded at Namics


The Digital Sport Magazine (DSM) is an extracurricular fun project that resulted from various coffee-break- or after-work- talks at Namics a leading digital agency in Switzerland and Germany. Currently, all authors are employed at Namics, but there are no further interdependences between Namics and DSM. Still, the authors would like to thank Namics for being a great place to work.

The DSM Editorial Team

Sandro Dal Farra


Sandro co-founded a Swiss Real Madrid Fanpage, which was a very popular social community for local fans of the “Blancos”. He works as a Business Consultant in several digital projects. Therefore, Sandro is passionate about digital business and the impact of the digitalization for the sports industry. At Digital Sport Magazin, he writes about e-sports, fan experience and stadium.

Twitter: @sdalfarra

Troy Lüchinger


Troy is particularly interested new digital services that support getting things done better and quicker. With more then fifteen years of experience in the digital projects world, Troy is now eager to dive deeper into the digitised world at sport. He likes to spend as much time as possible with traveling, watch football or play golf.

Twitter: @troyluechinger

Patrick Schädler


Patrick loves to enchant with the football. As part of the Digital Sport Magazine Team he is responsible for making sure that our reports are always fascinating and exciting. He work as a Digital Consultant for a swiss online agency. He likes hiking in the mountains and discovering new stadiums places.

Twitter: @p_schaedler

Michael Schlegel


Michael is passionate about football and digital business. For the Digital Sport Magazine, he tries to connect these areas and enjoy the best of both worlds. Michael works as a Digital Consultant and is focused on business processes and supporting systems for content management or the like. He is a supporter of Bayern Munich.

Twitter: @SchlegelMi

Thomas Walter


Thomas maybe doesn’t watch every football match, though has been a supporter of Eintracht Frankfurt for over 25 years. He’s passionate about digital business, from finding the best digital business model until developing IoT-based services. Thomas holds a PhD in Digital Business Innovation and also works as a consultant in the numerous digital transformation projects.

Twitter: @Waldo_Feraldo

Markus Groiss


Markus has held a season ticket at Bayern Munich since he was a 14-year old boy. During the off seasons, he studied economics and joined Namics, where he works for international clients giving them digital strategies and new business models with his fellow colleagues above. He still loves his tactic board and heated discussions about football. In this regard, Markus admires futbol total and wants to ban the catenaccio. Among other things, Markus is interested in innovative, new developments within the digital era and their effects on society, politics and people.

Twitter: @markusgroiss